The Who

My name is Kristian Amlie, and this is my home page. I was born in 1982 and live in Norway. My interests are computer programming, network, and music.

In 1998 I started making my own music. At the time I could not play an instrument, so my way into composing was using trackers. I was an avid user of the classic Fast Tracker II for many years.

In 2002 I was lucky enough to get a flatmate at college that played guitar, and that inspired my to pick up the guitar myself and start learning. Since then, my composition has been based more on my guitar playing, and I have recently started a band together with my sister. The band is called Pendelirium and you can read more about it and listen to the music on my Music page.

I was also interested in computers from an early age, and I learned programming in C++ and Perl on my own. This also led me to try out Linux, and after the first few hurdles, there was no turning back for me. Following this, I took a Master’s degree in Computer Science at the Norwegian University of Technology and Science in Trondheim (NTNU), from which I graduated in 2007.

The What

What this page tries to do is two things: First of all, it is a portal for me to present my music to the world. Even though I may consider selling my music in the future, right now I am only interested in letting people hear it, and hearing their opinions. Secondly, the page gives me the chance to contribute a little to the open source community by hosting the projects I’ve been involved in.

The Where

If you want to contact me, I can be reached at kristian at amlie dot name.

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