Since about 1998, I have been a big fan of the open source community and open source software. This page is my attempt to give something back.


Go to the dedicated dssi-vst-rt page.


This is a tool to do audio/MIDI processing on Linux, according to programmatic rules. You can get additional information on the Sourceforge page.

I’m still using this tool actively today, and I find it incredibly useful for my studio setup. I use it for some effects, but mostly I use it as a very advanced MIDI router, which translates the MIDI messages made by my keyboard(s) into something more suitable for the softsynths that I have. This allows me to combine sounds from several different softsynths into a single channel, for example.


This is a tool I wrote to host standalone Jack clients inside of a DSSI audio plugin instance. Head over to the official site for more information.

Miracle Warriors II

“Miracle Warriors – Seal of the Dark Lord” is a game released by Sega for the Master System in 1988. Despite the fact that the game had inferior graphics, even for its time, me and my friends enjoyed this game so much when we were little, that we decided to make a sequel while we were teenagers. This was the first real project that I programmed in my life. We finished it around 1999/2000, and it should run under all DOS and Windows versions.


After Miracle Warriors II was finished, we looked for a more challenging programming task, and what we made was a clone of the game “Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine”, originally released in 1993. Our version had a new feature, which was multiplayer by an arbitrary amount of players.

I don’t run the actual game server anymore, so the game cannot be played, but one can see the remnants of it here. Maybe I’ll put it up one day if there is any interest.

XMMS file numbering patch

A small patch that I made to fix a bug in the Crossfade plugin of XMMS. Not very relevant anymore now that XMMS is more or less dead. You can read about it here.


A little tool I made while I was working with SoundTracker. It takes groups of WAVE files and makes an XI (FastTracker II instrument format) instrument out of them. Check out this page to download.

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