Atlas is released!

Finally after a long period of hard work, our album Atlas is released! We’ve also launched our own band web site, for this and for future albums. Check out the the album there, or head straight to our Bandcamp site to listen to and buy the album.

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Tracks for Atlas are finished

The mixing of our eight tracks is now done! We’re now making some nice graphics for the album cover, and we had a local artist make an awesome cover drawing for us, very gritty and moody. Again, with this being our first commercial release, this whole process is a bit new to us, but it’s safe to say that the release is getting close now!

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Pendelirium soon releasing their first album

It’s been a long time since there has been any music updates for my band Pendelirium, but that doesn’t mean that things have not happened. In fact, we have been very busy composing, recording and putting together our first album!

The album will be called Atlas and consists of more than 60 minutes of real progressive rock, including an epic over 30 minutes long! We feel it’s a pretty varied album, with some classic prog sections including some semi-heavy guitar work, a prog ballad, and even some folksy and semi-classical bits. Hopefully something for every listener’s taste.

Apart from a few odd recordings here and there, everything is mostly done, and mixing has already commenced and will continue over the next few weeks. If everything goes as planned, we hope to have the final mix finished before the start of June, which means the album should be released not long after. This is a first time for us though, so we don’t dare to promise any exact dates yet!

This is the track listing for the album, with approximate lengths:

  1. Dawn (4:58)
  2. Fear the Quiet Ones (5:00)
  3. Smell of the Flowers (5:14)
  4. Cold (6:06)
  5. Holding Up the Sky (3:33)
  6. The Race (4:36)
  7. The Audition (33:05)
  8. Catch a Snowflake (2:28)

In other words longer tracks than your average Pop/Rock album. One should expect nothing less of a good progressive rock album!

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Eight2Ten no more

This actually happened a little while ago, but I have left the 70’s rock band I played in, Eight2Ten. I had a great time playing with Eight2Ten; hell, I was in the band for nine years; but Pendelirium has always been closer to my heart musically, and I increasingly felt like investing enough time in both of them was becoming a strain. No hard feelings, it was just time for me to focus my efforts. I wish them all the best!

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Lessons learned with Dropbox and UnionFS-FUSE

I’m an avid user of Dropbox, and also of the fantastic layered filesystem UnionFS-FUSE. However, I found that they don’t work well together. Whenever I tried to mount a unionfs folder somewhere where Dropbox could see it, Dropbox would seemingly randomly omit files from upload. Scary! This is supposed to be my backup!

It took me a long time of trial and error, but fortunately I was able to find the magic flags to make it work. If you mount your directory with these options:

unionfs-fuse myfolder=RW ~/Dropbox/union-folder -o big_writes,large_read,readdir_ino

…then Dropbox and UnionFS-FUSE should work together happily once again!

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Followup to my first RSI article

I wrote a followup to the first article about my RSI recovery. It looks at some of the things I experienced after my recovery, and where I am at now.

Read My RSI recovery eight months later.

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Jack2DSSI version 0.2 is released

A new version of Jack2DSSI, version 0.2, has been released. For those not in the know, Jack2DSSI is a DSSI plugin that can host Jack audio clients inside it.

It adds several fixes and compatibility options to make it even easier to use with your favorite Jack client. Check it out at the project page.

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Jacktube bugfix release

Jacktube v0.31 is out, which is a bugfix release, and it should be much more stable thanks to this. Check it out at the Jacktube homepage.

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Introducing Jack2DSSI

For a long time it annoyed me that certain Jack applications in Linux did not have a plugin version, so it could not be used inside a DAW without manual port routing and launch scripts, etc. Yoshimi is one example, and there are many commercial examples. While it would be possible to add plugin support for the open source variants, this is not possible for the commercial ones.

I wanted a more general solution, so for a while I’ve been working on a project to be able to use any Jack client as a plugin. The result is Jack2DSSI, which is a DSSI plugin that can host Jack applications inside it. So for example, if you want to use Yoshimi in your DAW project, but you don’t want to launch it manually every time you open the project, use the Jack2DSSI plugin instead. It will save together with your project1, and the plugin makes sure the Jack client is relaunched later.

Check it out on the project homepage.

1 Not everything is saved. See the Caveats section on the project page.

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No more wrist problems

Wrist pain

It’s been a long time since I last wrote about my wrist problems, or carpal tunnel problems. Well, I am happy to report that I have finally recovered! It wasn’t carpal tunnel at all, but a condition called “persistent somatoform pain disorder” (at least per my understanding), and curing it has been quite an undertaking. But I learned a lot along the way and in the hopes of helping others I have written an extensive log of both my history and the theory behind the disorder.

Read the full story…

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